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We have all heard the phrase; “it’s not personal, it’s just business”. Words you never want to hear, because today business is more personal than ever. You already know the power of Now you can supercharge that application with Cloud2You and begin mailing within a day upon download.

Here’s the great thing about Cloud2You: you can always add art you already use! Upload your existing marketing material to give it a “Cloud2You Power Boost.” Make your sales letters and announcements the most potent messages you can send. You can even begin mailing immediately using our free catalog of greeting cards and postcards.

Some examples of how our customers are using Cloud2You:

On-Boarding. Today, Customer Loyalty begins at the first purchase. Your company has probably spent
a great deal to acquire new customers, now with Cloud2You it is very easy to “welcome” new business.

Welcome Letter
Confirmation / Tech Support
Web literature fulfillment

Say ‘Thank You’ Often. Do you have a great customer? Be sure you thank them. Send a thank you card to express how much their loyalty means to you and your business.

Didn’t win the bid? Send a thank you card it keeps you top of mind
Incentivize existing customers to do more business with you = add a coupon
Had a productive meeting? – everyone appreciates simple acknowledgement

Follow Up with Prospects. Attract new business when you make a good, lasting impression with prospects. Have a meeting a week or more out? Send a note to let your prospect know you are looking forward to engaging and rewarding dialog with them.

Sending real mail is tangible – it shows your prospects you care about their business
Your prospects are someone else’s best customer – easily differentiate yourself
Get beyond email spam folders and the ever growing opt-out buckets

Customer Service. Call centers; sometimes an email just isn’t enough if a customer has been on the telephone for a length of time. Acknowledging a call and offering further assistance or options via a personal letter goes a long way to retain business, it shows you truly care about them.

Ask yourself one simple question: Is it worth 39¢ to retain a customer?
Notifications / Reservations / Invitations / Confirmations
Renewals / Explanation of Benefits / Winback

Say Congratulations! Did your customer or prospect get promoted? If the company reports greater fiscal earnings, a personal note goes a long way and differentiates you from your competition. It allows you to engage your contacts on their time, when they are most receptive.

Relevant and timely news can be acknowledged quickly and easily
Affords you to have meaningful contact and forges relationships

Customer Loyalty. Cloud2You is a great vehicle to deliver a special offer or incentive to your customers. Re-engage and retain customers with a greeting card or postcard and make sure you add a special offer or invitation to try a new product or service, attend an open house or seminar, or visit your website.
With the speed, ease of use and low cost of Cloud2You, you have the means and vehicle to differentiate yourself, elevate your business and brand while fostering the relationships that make your business successful.

Rewards / Incentives / Redemption / Membership
Newsletters / Announcements / White Papers
Give Cloud2You a try in your sales, marketing or customer service applications to engage and build the customer relationships that make your business and your brand successful - all directly from your