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Cloud2You is Automated Direct Mail 4 Salesforce, Act-On, Eloqua, HubSpot, Marketo, Pardot, Silverpop and more...

Cloud2You seamlessly integrates most marketing automation solutions with automated direct mail.

It only takes minutes to setup and send low cost letters, greeting cards, postcards, sales brochures and news letters.

If you don't have an expensive marketing automation system... simply create a Salesforce Campaign,
Lead Nurture or Customer Loyalty program from a Salesforce workflow!

Cloud2You Works With All Versions of Salesforce Mobile...

Including the Free version, Salesforce Classic. Send a single thank you greeting card after a meeting
for 66¢ or send a complete lead nurture, multi touch program from any mobile device running Salesforce.


39¢ postcards - 66¢ greeting cards & letters - INEXPENSIVE!

Price includes printing, mailing and 1st class postage - GREAT VALUE!

Get past the "Gate Keepers" & Spam Filters to Decision Makers - MAKE MORE SALES!

Never again forget a birthday, thank you or contract extension - RETAIN CUSTOMERS!

Reach older demographics and no email or opt outs - EXPAND YOUR MARKET!

Create your own custom automated direct mail solutions - YOUR PROCESS - NOT OURS!

Integrates with most Marketing Automation Systems - EASY INTEGRATION LOWERS COSTS!

Customize with your logo not ours - YOUR BRAND!

Install and mail the same day - EASY SETUP LOWERS COSTS!